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‘A Sin With Love’ Album Review!



Amy Sinha effortlessly balances blues, jazz, and folk onnew album

Amy Sinha - A Sin With Love

JANUARY 31, 2016


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Amy Sinha’s A Sin With Love is not your ordinary jazz album. It’s a blend of different genres with jazz merging seamlessly into pop, blues, and folk. Sinha’s mesmerizing voice is the unifying element; her soothing vocals are in perfect rhythm to every beat and melody of her songs. This album will make listeners appreciate the versatility of jazz. Sinha brings a modern touch to the classic ’50s vibe of jazz music in this CD.

“Time” is a jazz-infused pop and blues track that starts off slow but picks up its beat halfway through the song. Sinha’s trademark silky smooth voice transitions effortlessly from what seemingly begins as a pop love song until it turns up the pace then slows down again. It takes listeners to an addicting shift in melodies. You will find yourself grooving and swaying while listening to this modern jazz cut.

Aptly titled “Amy’s Blues,” this song is a treat for jazz and blues lovers. From the track’s opening beat, you can’t help but snap your fingers or move your head to the beat. If you listen closely, you will also catch a bit of country in the track. Compared with the other tracks in the album, here you can picture Sinha singing with a little bit of attitude. Her impeccable voice adapts to any genre without losing its distinct velvety quality.

Sinha said in an interview with Female First that this album is a little bit of everything, and it really is. Each song has a unique tune complemented by a familiar sound from different musical genres. It also evokes different emotions, not a rollercoaster ride but more of a leisurely stroll down memory lane where some of the tunes will make you smile while others will make you tear up a bit.

Sinha communicates to her listeners intimately through her songs. On the title track, she will take you on a musical journey where there are no boundaries, just a free flow of melodies that will let you escape to somewhere carefree and serene. May it be a touch of blues or a hint of pop, the jazz roots of Sinha still ties the album together. No song is out of place as everything is a piece of a musical puzzle masterpiece meant to enthrall those who put it together.

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